Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Kids Will Always be Kids

Yesterday Jason was sworn in to the army recruits. He asked me twice if what he was wearing looked good because he wanted to stand out without standing out too much. Even though money is tight he purchased a yellow shirt just so he could make a good impression. He was very excited yet anxious. When I saw him leaving I thought of the little boy who loved to carry my garbage to the shoot to watch it go down (I would save it up just for James and Jason to get their thrills). I saw that same wide-eyed excitement.

Don and I were going to go down with him to watch him get sworn in but he said he would like to go on his own. I also thought how grown up he has become. It was something he wanted to do on his own.
Joanne, you have a fine son - one who has carefully thought through the decision he has made. He has worked hard to get through his obstacles and is proud of being a recruit. He doesn't take his decision lightly. You must be very proud of him, too!


Evie Sears said...

Please pass on my congratulations to Jason. He's worked hard for this. I'm pleased for him and proud of him.

Joanne said...

Thanks for this Cathy. We were in Edmonton on business for 2 days and this was the first thing I read when I returned. I was a bit choked up, no, I cried. I am very proud of each of my kids. They are amazing people inspite of me.

Thanks for being there for him and supporting him through this Cathy. Your love and support of my kids means alot to Bruce and I and to them.

Barbara said...

way to go Jason!!! You're going to be great in the reserves.