Saturday, September 30, 2006

Not Enough Time Off!

I may be able to finally catch up on my blogging. I have two weeks off to relax and reconnect with life!

It has been an interesting two months. I am teaching grade 2 at a balanced calendar school. It felt strange to be teaching throughout August but having two weeks off in October sure feels great! Perhaps I will be able to do a few day trips and enjoy the autumn colours. Don and I will be taking a few days the second week to travel to Sault St. Marie to take the train through the Agawa Canyon. Hopefully scrapbooking, stained glass, painting, shopping, finishing a fence and digging a garden will also be a part of my time off. WAIT - can I have more than two weeks off please? I'm exhausted already...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Latest Happenings

I know, I know - I don't keep up on my blog as much as everyone else. I often have a hard time writing off the cuff so think I don't have much to say. Also, I have been trying to download some pictures and getting frustrated with how long it takes and so gave up. I don'thave that kind of time. I spend most evening sitting at the computer planning and preparing for my classroom. Iknow, I know - I guess I had better get a life!

Anyway, Don and I went to Jenn and Kevin's for dinner last night. I so enjoyed spending time with them and seeing their new home. Lovely! I was thinking on my way home that I wish family wasn't spread out so much so we could see each other more. It was so much nicer when we lived in teh same city and say each other at church. I know, I know - that's poart of growing up and getting your own life. It's great that we all have jobs we are passionate about and wonderful families, but I just miss y'all!

I was at the National program last weekend and thought, "Boy does life ever fly by?" I saw Prof Curnow and realized it has been over 25 years. Wow! You know you are getting older feels like yesterday that you went to music camp and remember most details like they just happened.

By the way, at the National program there was a video with Jason in it. He was wearing his army fatigues and getting shot over and over again. The situation was humourous and the national students cheered at this, but if Jenn, Kevin, Alyson, or Jason could explain it to me, I would appreciate it (do you "get" it?). I don't really get it - am I missing something?