Monday, March 26, 2007


Dad, Don and I went on an air boat to look for alligators. While I enjoyed the air boat it was, overall, disappointing. I thought we would do more on the air boat than start and stop a handful of times. The closest I got to seeing an alligator was a penned one. Oh well, sometimes you win big and sometimes you lose big!

Isn't he a cutie! When I was about 13 years old I thought a pet alligator would be great. What was I thinking!

I thought I would include a couple pictures to show Don and mom and dad's idea of a vacation - sunning and sleeping. Notice I am not in the picture and it is not just because I have the camera. It is hard or next to impossible to find me laying down. I just want to see and do it all!

Kentucky Happenings

I had a wonderful March Break traveling south. On our way to Florida Don and I spent two days in Kentucky. Wilmore has not really changed, just grown a little. I have included some pictures of the Wilmore sites. I'm so glad he picture of the plaque turned out since it says it all about the atmosphere in the chapel. I loved walking the hallways downstairs where the class graduation photos are. David and Evie, my how young you look!

I also have pictures of High Bridge. I thought Don would love seeing the train bridge, although he made me a little nervous when he walked on the rails.

Stayed tuned - I will write again soon about the rest of our trip.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

March Holiday Here I Come!

I am really looking forward to a two week March Break and getting away. Don is not as thrilled since for him the perfect holiday is to be locked away in the computer room and left alone. I it has been a busy, short term at school and am sun starved.

We are hoping to leave Wednesday morning and stop over in Lexington, Kentucky. On Thursday we will visit Asbury Collegge and then stay the night at an inn at Shakertown. Friday is a visit to the Mammoth Caves and on Saturday we will arrive in Florida to stay with mom and dad for a week.

In the meantime I will be busy cleaning the hosue, organizing my teacher piles and putting my finger in a socket to frizz my hair. Jason will cat sit for the week and a half we are away.