Monday, March 26, 2007

Kentucky Happenings

I had a wonderful March Break traveling south. On our way to Florida Don and I spent two days in Kentucky. Wilmore has not really changed, just grown a little. I have included some pictures of the Wilmore sites. I'm so glad he picture of the plaque turned out since it says it all about the atmosphere in the chapel. I loved walking the hallways downstairs where the class graduation photos are. David and Evie, my how young you look!

I also have pictures of High Bridge. I thought Don would love seeing the train bridge, although he made me a little nervous when he walked on the rails.

Stayed tuned - I will write again soon about the rest of our trip.


Evie Sears said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. They brough back lots of memories. Too bad Sammons Trailer Court is gone now.

Dave said...

Enough time has past that I can tell about the fall pictures my roomy Ken and I took of the goarge out in full color. The girl I was dating, Liz, looked on with horor as we walked out to the second support pillar and took our pictures. We were not on the upper level...we walked back and forth over the gorge on the grimmy beams below that formed a "X". While we were out there a train passed overhead. Ken and I took pictures of each other on the beams. While in Wpg I had his picture on the wall by my desk as a reminder that youth do some crazy and wild things. Evie has known of the picture and event since the late 80s. If Evie and I learned of Jonathan or Josh doing something like that.... Enough time has passed to confess and pray that my sons would not be so bold and foolish. And it may still be a good thing that Mom does not read most of the blogs and relies upon Dad to give her the sanitized versions.

Jenn said...

you should have taken a photo of their photos

Barbara said...

cool bridge.