Sunday, August 06, 2006

Summer Happenings

Not much to report on my life at the moment. I have not had an exciting summer. Here is what I have been doing:

  • I took a two day course on Differentiating Instruction. It sounds impressive doesn't it. It also sounds heavy and boring. It wasn't too bad but it was a bit boring...
  • I took a week long course on teaching math. There was a lot of hands-on activities so it was pretty good. Hands-on is always good :)!
  • Emily and Elizabeth visited for a few days - it's amazing just how much they have grown in one year. I miss all of my nieces and nephews who live far away. You miss so much when you are hardly ever around them.
  • Don and I actually spent a few days camping. We had a wonderful time at Port Burwell. Gary ad Laurie Reilly came down for an afternoon. It's hard to believe they are mom and dad's officers now!
  • I spent a week and a few days getting my classroom ready.
  • I am now back to work in this heat! While I am cooking right now, I sure will enjoy October and the two weeks I will have then. Hopefully I will be able to go away, then.

Once I get my pictures back I will share them at another time. In the meantime, I have enjoyed reading everyone else's Blogs and catching up on family. Toodles!