Sunday, March 11, 2007

March Holiday Here I Come!

I am really looking forward to a two week March Break and getting away. Don is not as thrilled since for him the perfect holiday is to be locked away in the computer room and left alone. I it has been a busy, short term at school and am sun starved.

We are hoping to leave Wednesday morning and stop over in Lexington, Kentucky. On Thursday we will visit Asbury Collegge and then stay the night at an inn at Shakertown. Friday is a visit to the Mammoth Caves and on Saturday we will arrive in Florida to stay with mom and dad for a week.

In the meantime I will be busy cleaning the hosue, organizing my teacher piles and putting my finger in a socket to frizz my hair. Jason will cat sit for the week and a half we are away.



Evie Sears said...

Enjoy the food at Shakertown. I'm sure you'll have a great trip.

Dave said...

There is a great restaurant called "Beaumont Inn" in Harrodsburg KY. The decor and staff are dressed in the Civil War era. It is the location of Evie and my first official date. The Beaumont is where the waitress told my roommate Ken, and Pauline his date, who were sitting at another table, "your friends are going to get can just see it." Ken and I joked about the nutty waitress and her comment all weekend...but now, who has the last laugh?

Jenn said...

classic hair frizz/socket comment!

Stephen said...

Have a great time. Drive safely!