Sunday, June 01, 2008

Life Graduations

Recently I have been to two graduations, of sorts. First I attended a graduation within the church of Spencer becoming a Senior Soldier. I am proud of Spencer for the decision he made to make his love of Christ the first priority in his life and for making a stand by becoming a soldier. This was my first important life decision and it has solidified my life since. I know that it is the beginning for Spencer and I will keep him in my prayers as he goes forward throughout life and uses his talents and gifts in amazing ways. *Barbara, I hope you don't mind me using two of your pictures. Getting good pictures of Spencer is hard to come by these days!

I also had a lovely time at Jason's military graduation on Friday (May 31st). I enjoy the pageantry and the marching they do. I am so proud of Jason and the hard work it took to get into the military and complete the courses. Doing it with such flair (three awards - what an honour!) is the icing on the cake! I know it has been a challenging year for both he and Alison being away from each other so much and each completing courses. I hope they will both be able to look back and say it was all worth it. No matter what happens in his life I just want him to know that he is in our prayers and we couldn't be prouder of him.
As the nieces and nephews are getting older I am really seeing how they are all coming into their own - making life decisions with good maturity. They all have their own gifts and talents and using them in an honourable way. An aunt couldn't be prouder of each and every one of them. No matter where the decisions take them I know that they will all be our prayers.


Barbara said...

I will need to get those pictures of Spencer from you. I didn't get any of the actual enrolment.

Dave said...

Thanks for the pictures. Though our memories of them being kids remain vivid, their days of being kids are long past. It is time for us to see them in a new light and create new memories of them.