Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm Back!

I have found it a challenge to maintain my blog over the past year or so. My work load had increased and finding personal time was difficult. Now that I have a few moments I will try and recap quickly what has happened over the past year.

  1. In October 2011 I had the opportunity to travel to Greece. I spent three days on Mykonos, three days on Santorini and two days in Athens enjoying the local culture and seeing the sites. Mykonos was enchanting, Santorini was inspiring, and Athens fascinating. Perhaps I will write about this experience later when I have more time. All I can say right now is... when can I go back?

  2. In the winter of 2011 I was an observer for an on-line teaching course to support a friend who was the instructor through the University of Toronto (OISE). Having had this experience I was, then, given the opportunity to teach a face-to-face course in the spring (Junior Basic) and, again, an on-line summer course (Primary Basic). These were huge learning experiences for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the professional dialogues. It made for a very busy time in which I worked many long hours and did not have a summer break, although it was very rewarding.

  3. In February I spent a week in a rented cottage again at the Salvation Army camp on Lake Simcoe. I scrapbooked, scrapbooked, and scrapbooked. I loved laughing with friends and getting something accomplished.

  4. I had a wonderful time this past October when spending time with family. My nephew, Jonathan, was married in Virginia. The wedding was beautiful and I loved seeing David, Evie and the boys. Jonathan has grown to be a very gentle, sensitive man and wish him all the best that life has to offer. Following the wedding my sisters, Joanne and Barbara, my mom and dad, and niece, Jennifer, and her boys, Don and I all went on a cruise out of Baltimore to the Bahamas. It was my first cruise. Spending this kind of time with family is something I always cherish. Someday I must write about this, too.

This year at school I am teaching grade one. It was quite the change from teaching grade five last year, although I love change! My children are eager to learn and want to be at school. I am teaching at a high energy school and between teaching six year olds all day and keeping up with the school demands I find myself falling asleep very easy this year!

Recently I completed a leadership course in which you look at your personal qualities to understand how you relate to others and how to understand and support others. I completed a personality test and was given quite the detailed report on who I am and how and why I respond the way I do in different situations. This will be another post to see if you agree or disagree...

Right now I am looking forward to the upcoming Christmas break in three weeks. It will be another busy time visiting family but I would not want it any other way! In case I do not have a chance to do so before Christmas...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my friends and family!


Barbara said...

does that mean you won't be blogging now until the new year?

The personality test sounds interesting. It will be interesting to see what they had to say.

Karen said...

Hi Cathy...
So good to see you posting again. I have missed hearing about your life but I see how busy you have been.
Your life sounds very interesting and exciting.
I must comment on your Greece experience. My brother and his wife went to Greece several years ago and they too can't wait to go back. They loved it so much.

Looking forward to future postings from you.

Merry Christmas to you and God Bless!!