Saturday, March 25, 2006

March Break

I know I hardly ever write, BARBARA! Here I finally go again...

Had a wonderful time visiting with family in Washington, DC.

I wasn't prepared for the great weather the first day. Shorts were definitely needed instead of pants and sweatshirts... I have heard that women do not sweat - they perspire gently. Sorry, but I sweat - it pours off me. Living in a hotter climate would be a major hardship for me - give me fall and winter any day! Don't get me wrong. I do enjoy summer and the activities that come with it - hiking camping, swimming. I just hate the dripping water thing...

It was great to see the blossoms coming out and green bushes. We spent one day walking the mall - walking to the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Memorial, the Vietnam and World War II Memorial, and the Capitol. We also went to the the Air and Space Museum and the Native museum. It was a great day, although my feet were ready for a replacement.

The next day the weather had drastically changed - the temperature was in the 50's and there was a cold breeze. I felt more like home although at home it was freezing. We went to Mount Vernon to see Washington's house and Alexandria. We thoroughly enjoyed looking at these historical places. On an interesting note...we had to be a little creative in finding our way out of Alexandria. We took the long way home - a murder (a shooting) happened on the fast route and so the area was closed and we we detoured. Don stopped to chat with a police officer to check on directions and he laughed, sarcastically, and said, "Good luck!"

Have to go right now. I will have to see if I can figure out how to add pictures when I revisit my blog.

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Evie Sears said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to DC. We enjoyed hosting you for a few days and hope you'll come again soon. Admit it: it's worth the trip just to hang out and watch the new TV!

Barbara said...

sounds like a great time. You woulda died in Florida with the heat.