Monday, April 17, 2006

I decided to try Barbara's game, only I googled "Cathy wants..." instead of "Cathy needs...". What an interesting experience! Here are the results (with my reactions in brackets):

Cathy wants to emphasize and reiterate that her first and ultimate priority is to get out. (Get out of what?)

Cathy wants to do 32 things. accept that my nose is still ugly and get on with my life (I must admit that the Sears nose is not at all becoming!)

Cathy wants to find you the perfect home. (What is perfection, anyway? I am content, but I must admit I keep striving to make life better. Don't we all?)

Cathy wants to tell you about her new Japanese bicycle: "It's a standard housewife/high school student special. (What's a Japanese bicycle? Do housewives ride differently than other people? Is it to do with different positions - an interesting thought).

Cathy wants to be alone. Being alone is the only way for her to discover herself (Preferably sitting on a rock by a lake or ocean does the trick!)

Our old Cathy wants one, wants one, our old Cathy wants one, too. Wait just a bit, wait just a bit, you'll get, you'll get (I want one - or at least I think I do...BUT "old" Cathy? I think I am suppose to be offended).

Cathy wants a little of my time. six cylinders underneath the hood crashing and kicking, ahhh listen to the engine whine. (sounds a little dirty!)

I don’t really want to do it, just want to have it finished! (Don, please more...I don't know what I want...!)

Cathy wants desperately to save her marriage, and Frank is in agony over the trouble he is causing. (Frank should never have said anything to Don. He should be in agony over the rouble he has caused!)

Cathy wants to convey some sense of relaxation and enjoyment, of slowing down and listening to the inner voice. (I think this is suppose to relate to the rock by the lake moment)

Cathy wants to do a victory lap wearing the two flags (sounds kinky. I wonder if the spiked choker and leather boots would be part of the outfit?)

Cathy wants her cake (and I want to eat it too!)

Cathy wants to improve life for aboriginal children and families. "I’ve always been interested in movements of social justice," (I do believe that as a society we need to adopt the philosophy that it takes a village to raise a child)

Cathy wants to spend the time enticing men. (When do I have the time?)


Evie Sears said...

I thought my needs were bad - your wants are downright weird!!! By the way, you'll have to get your own leather boots and choker - mine are not available for the foreseeable future!

Barbara said...

LOL! Cathy, I think you want a bit too much. ...but Evie, I think your needs were rather interesting.

Joanne said...

My leather boots and choker seemed to have gotten lost in the move. Maybe if you came out for a visit this summer we could go shopping togther at a cowboy shop for leather cowboy boots and a choker! Hey, maybe we could have a heart to heart with cowboy Frank and tell him to back off! ha ha