Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another Wedding Reflection

I always feel like my blogs are way behind the times. Again, people have already reflected on Jason and Alyson's weddingwith photos before I could. Maybe I need to get a digital camera so I can be more ahead of the game...

Anyway, I, too, have been reflecting a lot over the wedding of a next generationer. It is hard to believe that Jason is a married man. I know I am going to sound cliche, but it seems like just yesterday when he sat on my knee in church or stayed with me in my apartment. It is wonderful to see the maturity in the decisions he has made over the past couple of years. I am proud to be an aunt and to be a small part of his life.

I so enjoyed the wedding. It was very evident that Jason and Alyson had a great time, too. I'm glad that they made themsselves a priority. So often it is a tense filled day for the bride and groom, but they were relaxed and just enjoyed spending time with family and friends. There were no pretenses, just honest fun. Alyson will fit right into the family.

Thanks for a great day guys!


Evie Sears said...

I'm still getting used to the idea that the next generation is getting married.

When I look at our generation, I don't feel overly old (it helps not to wear my glasses when I look at us!). When I look at the next generation and realize that many of them are grown, or nearly grown, that's what makes me feel old.

Jenn said...

"I'M HUNGRY"...some things never change!

Stephen said...

I agree. It was a great day. I appreciated how relaxed of a day it was. Jason and Alyson will certainly remember this special day as a highlight of their life.