Friday, June 01, 2007

Now It's My Wedding Picture Turn!

At the family shower two weeks before the wedding.

My, Alyson, what a lovely wedding dress you have!

The Holiday Inn in Cambridge.

The boy cousins. If only they had jeans and boots, just think what would have happened.

Having the pictures taken in a park with a stream was a great idea.

Thanks Jason and Alyson for thinking about keeping the cousins occupied.

A moment with his nana. This is such as loving picture.

I think it is one I will cherish for many years to come.

I liked how Jason and Aylson were very relaxed throughout the day. There were many sweet moments between the two. Unfortunately I don't have an automatic mode on my camera so was unable to catch them all. I'm glad they took Uncle Don's advise to not worru and jusy enjoy their special day.

Great car. Alyson said it was great to get a vintage car fro the fifties and then I thought, "Wait a minute, I was born in that vintage decade. Does that make me vintage?" I am feeling very old tonight...

Some of us got together for brunch the next morning. I loved spending time with my family. We don't do it often enough. Anyway, I couldn't believe that Jason and Alyson made it down to breakfast, too. I think it was something about having a coupon from the hotel with them being newlyweds. I don't know about you, but having breakfast with my mom and dad would not have even entered my mind when I got married! On second thought, food...Jason... some how it is fitting!
You sure can tell Jason is a newlywed - playing with the ring. Thanks again, Jasonand Alyson, for such a great day. Congratulations for the many years to come.


Barbara said...

great wedding, and great time!

Evie Sears said...

Nice selection of photos. Everything I've heard and read confirms that this was a wonderful family weekend.

Dave said...

Thank you for the wonderful pictures.

Stephen said...

Thanks Cathy! These are fantastic pictures! I am sorry that all our family, both in the States and in Alberta couldn't attend this great day. Blogging helps to capture what we can only try to describe.

Jenn said...

i'm so glad that everyone can share photos like this - it's so great when you don't have certain images to see what everyone else saw