Monday, July 09, 2007

Calgary Happenings

Here is the next update of my visit: Joanne took me to the bomber museum in Nanton. There was a wonderful display and information about the Great Escape and the role Canadians played. Bruce just happened to have the movie so that night I watched the movie.
We visited Drumheller and the hoodoos. Cool place with interesting formations but it sure was hot that day. Another afternoon Joanne and I went backroading to look for abandoned buildings. The prairies are full of them since it was so hard to make a living and get a farm established. If the buildings could talk I can just imagine the history and personal stories they could tell. It is sad that so many grain elevators, a key to the export of winter grain, are now silent.

I had a blast at the Calgary Stampede. I got up early - very early - to get into the city and reserve a place on the street. I sat with Stephen and the kids - aren't they just too cute!

I loved the standing ovation the armed forces received, especially the army. How fitting considering just the day before we lost another six of our soldiers. They are doing such an awesome and courageous job in Afghanistan that they deserve all of our praise and support.

I loved seeing the street cleaners that were a part of the parade to clean up all of the droppings.

That night we all went to the grand stand show. There were the chuck wagon races before the show. The rider I cheered for won his heat. I have no idea who he is, but his wagon said "sandalwood" on the side and since I live off of Sandalwood Parkway I thought it was fitting. Amazing Las Vegas style show. I loved the dancing, the ventriloquist (?), the native ring dancing, and the fireworks.


Evie said...

You seem to be getting around out there. Glad you're having a good time.

Jenn said...

ah ha! the infamous old buildings you were climbing around