Sunday, December 09, 2007

Flat Stanley Comes For a Visit

I read the novel, Flat Stanley, with my class. Stanley was a normal boy until one night when he was sleeping a bulletin board fell on him. Now he is as flat as a piece of paper. To encourage my students to write, they each made a Flat Stanley and took him home for the weekend for a visit. I also did the same thing and made a slideshow of our visit. Here are a handful of the pictures from the slideshow:

Flat Stanley walked in the Brampton Santa Claus parade under Don's hat!

Flat Stanley went to pizza hut and ate a whole personal meat lovers pan pizza all to himself!

Don and Flat Stanley spent a lot of time together playing games on the computer. Stanley even beat Don in a game! Later they watched Hockey Night in Canada together.

Yoda and Stanley became buddies for the weekend. Stanley and Yoda slept together.

My students are presently preparing letters and a questionnaire. They are hoping to find people who love to have Flat Stanley visit them for a week and take pictures of his adventures. Stanley's new friends would take him with them wherever they go and take pictures of places he visits. They will also answer the questionnaire and mail him back to us. My grade 3 students will read the journal and the questionnaire and look at the pictures (which could be e-mailed) to determine if Stanley visited an urban or a rural community. FUN TIMES IN GRADE 2/3!

Any takers? If you know anyone who would be interested, let me know.


Evie said...


Barbara said...

Doesn't look like Yoda was too happy with Flat Stanely.

Flat Stanely is welcome to come and visit me, but he may not be too happy about it since it's pretty close to where he lives.

Dave said...

What a hoot...I love it.

Jenn said...

wow - flat stanley has a more exciting and better life than me!