Monday, December 24, 2007

The Miniature Earth

Facebook has been an interesting esperience. It can be frivilous and I can feel guilty not responding to everything I read or see. The best thing is that it has allowed me an opportunity to touch base again with old friends I thought I would never hear from or see again. I have now had contact with Karen Kushner from elementary and high school days, BJ Prior from camp days and Cheryl Watson and Scott Kelly from Asbury days.

I have been sent a lot of videos and thought this was very pertinent for this time of year when we reflect on helping others. We truly are blest to have financial security, all of our basic needs met, family who care for us, and peace in our society. In particular I am blessed to have peace in my heart. May we all appreciate what God has given us and may we never take it for granted.


Dave said...

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Stephen said...

I have seen this video some time ago. It's powerful and a reminder of our responsibilities to be stewards of the resources that God has entrusted us with.

Karen said...

I have been blessed to have reconnected with you again, Cathy.