Saturday, April 05, 2008

More Signs of Spring

As I was out and about today I thought of two more signs. Those who grew up in Brampton will appreciate the first one, in particular:

1. People lined up around the Dairy Queen just for an icecream, even though the temperature is 12 degrees today.

2. The sound of the icecream truck as it goes around the neighbourhood. The song goes on and on and on.... Will they ever think of another song?!


Dave said...

Ah, yes....the opening of the Dairy Queen and going for the treat regardless of the weather. In the act you were affirming the winter was gone even if was snowing at that moment.

Barbara said...

I saw some people walking to and from Baskin Robbins yesterday.

Haven't heard the ice cream truck yet.

Evie said...

We don't get ice cream trucks in our neighborhood. :( I loved the ice truck when I was a kid.