Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hour

What were you doing for earth hour? I know some people took a cynical look at it and said turning off the lights would not make a difference in saving our planet. While I agree, it was a wonderful opportunity to raise global awareness to the problem of global warming and our carbon footprint. Hopefully people will see that just by turning off a few more lights can make a difference and then, in turn, help us to make even more environmentally friendly choices. Don flicked off the breaker so we would have no power to our house for an hour and we spent our time playing Backgammon. I loved playing by candlelight. As well, we kept all lights off for an extra hour while we finished watching the Canadians-Leaf hockey game and playing more backgammon.


Stephen said...

As a family, we participated in earth hour. Not only did we turn off all the lights, we turned off everything that we could in the house that was electrical - computers, TV's - even the air pumps on the kids aquariums. We turned the furnace down so is would not turn on.
We lit a pile of candles, built a fire in the fire place and then told stories and jokes for the next hour. A couple of friends came over and joined in. It was a lot of fun.
There is a lot of cynicism about it but you know, our response to climate change - global warming - whatever one calls it, reminds us that we do have an impact on this planet. It may be only an hour but it remains a small step towards awareness towards a corporate sense of responsibility that as part of humanity, we are all, or will be all affected by this massive change in weather that appears to be going on world wide.
My kids think we should have an earth hour on a monthly basis. Imagine the impact that could have if this became part of the global conscience - a part of the human DNA.
Anyway, we are with you on this one Cathy!

Jenn said...

i worked. we were hoping to convince someone to turn off the big blue "H" sign over the hospital. but we did go around and turn off as many lights as was feasible

Dave said...

Interesting....I did not know about the hour.

Joanne said...

I worked on my final paper, by candle light! Bruce was already in bed, so the only light besides the candles was the lovely glow of my laptop

Barbara said...

I was away last weekend so my family didn't participate. We decided that we would do it this coming weekend.

I must say that I'm impressed that a lot of the buildings and businesses in TO participated and either turned off, or turned down their lights.