Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More Snow Pictures: Can You Believe it is MARCH?!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this little guy sitting on our back fence nibbling away at this chunk of snow.

Don shoveling and shoveling...and shoveling!

Another sign of animal life! We have a rabbit visiting our street on a regular basis these days. He must be looking or grass. He's going to be looking for a long time!


Stephen said...

I can't relate to this at all! It's sunny, sunny, sunny!! It's been warm (still below freezing at night)! There have been several days in a row where we don't even wear our winter jackets. The only snow left on the ground is found in protected shaded areas.

Oh well, someone has to live here!

Jenn said...

i can have charlie come take care of that rabbit problem for you :)

Evie said...

Why did you bleach your grass? Isn't green a good enough color for you anymore? Who wants white grass?

Thanks for the black squirrel pic - all we have here are gray ones. BORING!

Barbara said...

Juest let Yoda out. You won't be seeing that rabbit anymore.