Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ottawa, Part II

I am not telling everything we did - just the highlights. Don and I wwalked to the Museum of Civilization in Hull, Quebec, which has a focus on Canadiana. It is very well done, with exhibits that have the feel of being in a real village setting.

Walking on the bridge from Ottawa to Hull and a view of Parliament Hill from Hull.
We spent a lot of time in the First People's Hall which showed the history, diersity and contributions of Canada's Aboriginal peoples.
We also spent time in Canada Hall that is set up in village vinettes from different time periods. Joanne, the turn of the century exhibit felt like Heritage Park in Calgary.
Lastly, we walked through the Face-to-Face exhibit which showed some of the interesting personalities who shaped Canada. I enjoyed a visit with Pierre, although he isn't very photogenic!


Evie said...

I really enjoyed our visit to the museum several years ago.

Jenn said...

pierre??? oh la la!