Saturday, May 30, 2009

Family Picnic

My favourite thing to do is spend time with family. Life can't get better than hanging with family - immediate family and extended family. Today, thirty-two of us got together for a picnic at Belfountain Conservation Area. It is a small, but very pretty park with a suspension bridge, man-made cave, hiking trail that is part of the Bruce Trail, water fall created from a dam, a fountain (although today the water was only a trickle), and a river. It also help that it is in the town of Belfountain in the Caledon Hills so even the drive to get there is picturesque.

It is so nice getting together and catch up on family happenings and keeping in touch with cousins I don't see very often. The older you get the more precious these times have become. I also enjoy seeing the family and grow as people get married and have their own families. It is then that you realize how fast time really does fly.

I have included many pictures - enjoy the show!

A caterpillar created quick the exciting moments when it fell on Jessica's sweater. They were fine with it crawling on their hands, but when it fell on Carol's foot it created quite the fun!

Caleb stole the show with his wonderful temperament. He sure loves the camera - and the camera loves him! I love this picture of Caleb with his great nana (Aunt Eva)

Our matriarch, Aunt Ivy.
What an incredible lady!

Barbara, in one of her famous poses - slouched in a chair, with her sunglasses on,
and a drink or a magazine in her hands. This time Carol joined her in creating the pose.
On our way home some of us stopped by the Caledon Badlands for more photo moments.
Awwww.... I finally get a good photo with my hubby!
The older they get the more you can tell they are brother and sister. I see so much of nana in them.


Joanne said...

Looks like it was a great day. I'm sorry we missed it. We'll have to determine next years date soon so that I can get my calendar with next year's fundraiser for the shelter coordinated. That way we can be at the reunion.

Dave said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Evie said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. It looks like it was a great day spent in a beautiful place.

Barbara said...

Great pics. I want copies.

Stephen said...

I love this area of Ontario - so idealic!
Wish we could have been there. There are a number people that I don't recognize.