Monday, August 03, 2009

The Mountains Shall Bring You Peace

Okay, I have been home now for two weeks and it is about time I let everyone know how much I enjoyed camping in the mountains. I had the best campsite - right on the river with the mountains as the backdrop. It rained on and off for our first three days. It was also on the cool side, although at night it was cold. It was so cold that I had to go into town and buy fuzzy, warm socks to keep me warm. I know - something Cathy hardly ever has to do!

Anyway, all the cold had its benefits. When we arrived the mountains were devoid of snow except the odd patch. When it rained on us it snowed on the mountains and after three days there was snow on the peaks. By the time we left, two weeks later, there was no snow again.
I loved seeing the changes over the two weeks I was there and watched the sky constantly. The darkness of an approaching storm was great to see.
Just as the title said, peace. There is more to this than just the view. It's the wildness of God's handiwork - the animals, the isolation, the majesty. Stunning!

The Kooteny Heart

*Most of these photos are taken from the campsite, or close to the site. Others were taken around Radium and one was taken at Fort Steele (the one with the buildings).


Barbara said...

beautiful! I think I could handle a view like that for a while.

Joanne said...

Whenever I was stressed when we lived out west, Bruce and I would drive to the mountains just to hang out. i always came back rested.....and "at peace".

Evie said...

Great photos! The Rockies are just amazing.

Dave said...

Wonderful pictures....makes me want to go there.

Scrapbook With Vanilla said...

What INCREDIBLE pictures!! Just beautiful!