Sunday, July 09, 2006

My Most Cherished Possessions

I forgot to do my most cherished possessions... (sorry, I copied and pasted Joanne's). I put this as a comment and thought I might add it as another posting. Also, I thought of a fifth one that some people might find interesting.

  • my photo albums
  • my professional portfolio
  • my furniture antiques (Don's grandmother's sewing machine, my dining set, Don's grandfather's chest)
  • my children's book collection
  • my grandmother's Salvation Army bonnet. This has come in handy - I have taken it into school when talking to children about treasures that give us memories.


Dave said...

Many of my more cherished items are family the one's of Jonathan with a grin on his face holding his new born brother, a picture of them taken in Nov 94 by a photographer, a picture of our whole family in London, and the siddling and whole family pictures from Mom and Dad's 50th anniversary celebration.

Evie Sears said...

Family photos are priceless. My family lost several generations' worth of photos in a flood years ago.

I agree with Dave, I cherish the photos of our family. We've decided that if we ever had to evacuate our home, our cameras, photo CDs, photo albums and computers with digital photos would be among the first things we'd pack. Lots of other stuff can be replaced, but lost photos are gone forever.

Barbara said...

Cool! I'd love to see that bonnet next time I'm over.