Tuesday, July 15, 2008

30,000 Islands Cruise

While away camping I went on the 30,000 Islands cruise out of Parry Sound. The boat went around the islands by Parry Sound, basically circling Parry Island. I can just imagine sitting on a Muskoka chair on a wrap-around deck of a cottage that sits one of those islands. Stunning views and relaxation to the nines! This would be my idea of a vacation getaway and cottage life. The other place I love visiting that gives me the same feeling is the thousand Islands near Kingston and Gananoque. This is when having money would come in handy!

I have included an osprey nest that sits on a man-made post. There was also an inukshuk on a small rock island. Traveling north on highway 400 and 69 you see lots of rock sculptures and inukshuks once the Canadian Shield is revealed. They says, "We have been here."

Lastly, just before the cruise returned to Parry Sound we went through an area with a swing bridge. It use to carry a railway but now it only carries cars. Many years ago there was a port town called Depot Harbour on Parry Island that was connected to the mainland by the bridge. The town was set to outgrow Parry Sound and Midland and become the prime destination. The town had schools, churches and businesses. It was a town that connected the Algonguin area and logging via the railway to the Great Lakes. However, due to a the selling of the railway, disrepair and hard times Depot Harbour no longer exists. It is a ghost town with only foundations left.


Evie said...

Stephen, Gayle, Dave, Jonathan and I took that cruise when Jonathan was a year old or so. We have a cute photo of Gayle and Jonathan on the boat. It was a great cruise. I'd love to do it again.

Dave said...

Thank you for the pictures of one of my favorite areas. I love the balance of the rugged rocks, water and trees of the area.