Friday, January 08, 2010

2009 Memories

I was talking to a friend about how she has recently reflected on her top memories of 2009 and then I read my sister's post about her top 100 memories of the past year, so I guess I am destined to do something similar.

I will start with the memories that I share with Barbara that were special to me in some way:

- New Year’s Eve and morning since Don and I spend it with Barbara and John and their boys. We have been doing it this way for a few years now. I can't think of any other way to start a new year.
- Spending a week at Jackson's Point cropping with my sister, Barbara and a friend, Sheryl. Don also joined me at the end of the week for a couple of days. It was fun to get away and just crop until I dropped and enjoy winter. It was my first time up at camp with lots of snow and cold. I loved it!
- Mrs. Gage’s funeral. It was a true celebration of a wonderful lady. She is so missed!
- Spending a weekend in Syracuse with a group of scrapbookers. I loved staying in a hotel and cropping in a room across the hall and then, of course, scrapbook shopping!
- Easter at Joanne’s new house. It is always wonderful to spend time with family. The twins, of course, made it interesting and everyone had a chance to hold one of them! Also, watching Don, Kevin, John, and Jason golf from the comfort of Joanne's deck was also great. Do I still hear a "CRASH"?
- Gayle’s visit since we had a girl's night out for dinner and Jenn joined us with the twins.
- the Sears family reunion in Belfountain and visiting the Badlands in Cheltenham on our way home. Many of the family were amazed by what they saw, so it was special.
- going out for lunch (breakfast?) with mom and Barbara for Mother's Day. It took a while to decide on and find a place to eat, but Cora's worked out well.
- Aunt Ivy's 90th birthday. As I have already written, anytime spent with family is always precious to me. This was a lovely afternoon celebrating the life of a great lady. It is even more special since a few days before Christmas she passed away.
- going to Barbara's for dinner and have a visit with Rick. We celebrated his birthday. I need to spend more time with him!
- celebrating my 50th birthday. Rather than hate my age, I like to think I embrace it. What better way, than to have a family bowling night. I just wish my score reflected the good time!
- I agree with Barbara - monthly Friday night crops at my place. It gives me a chance to enjoy down time with friends. These times are so hard to come by sometimes.

Other memories:

- celebrating more than 20 years of teaching at a breakfast hosted by the Peel Board. It felt good to be honoured my years of service.
- spending March Break camping in Louisiana, touring around New Orleans and then going over to Florida to spend some time with mom and dad. I loved visiting the French Quarter in NO and doing a plantation tour. When can I go back?!
- Going west to spend two weeks camping in Kootenay National Park - camping beside the river and waking up to seeing the mountains - the cold, shivering nights that were so cold the mountain tops became covered with snow - seeing bighorn sheep and mountain goats - Radium Hot Springs - the natural hot springs - Fort Steele - campfires - hiking to Dog Lake - Invermere - the Stolen Church
- Don and I buying ourselves a Wii for our anniversary and playing bowling and curling over and over again.
- "Yurting" in Bon Echo Provincial Park. It was stunningly beautiful, peaceful, and a great time doing something I have not done before (staying in a yurt).
- going up to Dorset in Haliburton to celebrate Thanksgiving with Don's family. The views from the tower of the autumn colours was to die for.
- Christmas Eve at Barbara's
- Having mom and dad and Rick for Christmas Day. I got to watch mom and dad play shuffleboard with the Wii. Mom only plays games to "get" the other person. She's deadly!
- Boxing Day in London and spending time with other members of the family I do not see very often. I got a guitar (one of my "wishes" for years) and now I just need to figure out how to play it.
- watching the World Junior game on New Year's. We won against the U.S. Too bad we couldn't do it in the final. Oh well, there is always next year... Here's hoping!

I know, I know - 100 memories? There are more memories, I am sure. I have not even thought about my teaching memories... Sorry, I am now out of breath!


Barbara said...

great list. I think it's cool to do a list like this to reflect back over the year and see how many memories (good and bad) that there are.

Karen said...

I enjoyed reading both of your top 100 memory lists, you two sisters!
It is a good idea. I would attempt it but it would likely take me all of 2010 to remember all of 2009.
Good to see you back on your blog Cathy!

And I am sorry to hear your Aunt Ivy passed away :-(

Evie said...

I'm not even going to try to remember 100 things about the past year. I can barely remember last week!