Friday, January 08, 2010

So, Cathy, What's Up?

It has been a while since I have posted so I thought I would give a brief overview of the last many weeks. I worked, I worked and I worked! Between report cards, parent interviews, concerts and planning this is basically what I have been doing.

In November I celebrated my 50th! Yes, I am 50. I have lived half a century and am proud of it. I celebrated by bowling with any family who could come. My score was terrible and I loved every minute of it, although my ears were ringing after from the extra loud music. I do not have many pictures to show for it since once the glow in the dark started picture taking was very limited. I would like to let my hair go whichever colour it wants to be and be proud of it, but until my 70+ mother decides to let her hair go this is difficult. I would probably look like her sister! Mom, let's embrace our ages and just let it be...

...and James gets a strike!

I was so ready for a relaxing Christmas break. I had a lovely time on Christmas Eve with Barbara's family and Christmas Day with mom, dad and Rick. I enjoyed just being with family. It does not take much for me to enjoy my time with family - just hanging out is enough to make me happy. At Barbara's place we were all able to play bowling and I was a spectator for car racing. I can't believe it, but mom and dad actually played Wii shuffleboard on Christmas Day. Mom sure is a brutal player - she is out to get the next player. She does not care about winning. Winning is secondary - getting the other guy is the reason for playing a game. She thoroughly enjoys being evil. She studies the situation and is only looking at how she can knock someone off. She even has an evil tone to her voice. Mom was in a position to win a game against dad. All she would have to do is make the marker go off the board and shes would still win by a few points, but what does she do instead? Mom aims to get dad's marker(s) off, misses, and then looses by a few points. You know the saying: pride comes before the fall. Well, mom's saying is evil comes before the fall.

My bigger tree.

My white tree in the diningroom
Mom planning her strategy. Is that the evil grin?
On Boxing Day Don and I parted with each of us visiting our own extended families. These opportunities come less frequently these days so rather than one of us missing out seeing nieces, nephews, brothers or sisters, we each traveled the distance to spend the day with our own families. It has been a long while since I had seen Mike and Mel and the boys, seeing Jason and Alyson, and seeing Joanne and Bruce and Jenn's boys. Life moves so fast that it is important to grab these moments when you can. Jason will be off the Afghanistan soon and the babies, well, they grown up so fast...


Evie said...

It's good to see you back.

Dave said...

Thanks for the pics, I particularly liked the one of Dad bowling....what a form.